I love creativity in all its forms. I believe in the infinite magic of the imagination and the powerful imagery of visions and dreams.
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I’ve been down this week with a bad cold. Spent yesterday sleeping, even during the daylight hours. That’s unusual for me. So, needless to say, didn’t accomplish much.

Maybe today I’ll accomplish something? Perhaps, but even now, I feel as if I could sink down into sleep and be perfectly happy. That’s probably what I’ll do once I take my meds.

Painted wine bottle I finished up last night. By now, it should be decorating its new home.

In the final stages of another painted wine bottle that has already been sold. Just praying the last crucial bit goes as expected, because it’s due tomorrow.

I seem to procrastinate all the time, but I’m happy with the bottle so far. Hopefully, the rest will go as well, or I’ll be up all night making another one. This particular customer said she is thinking of commissioning me to do a couple of paintings for a new house she just purchased. Fingers crossed.

Halloween decoration

Small Halloween decoration with skeleton

Painted wine bottle for Halloween

a trickle of light
through afternoon clouds
the sighing moan
of wind and trees
a whisper of a heartbeat
bleeding and broken
in the storm

Tuesday selfie. Home, changed, dinner, relaxing.

Quick sketch with watercolor pencils

Emily Dickinson on the wall at Hollings Cancer Center, MUSC, Charleston, SC